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Monica Seaberry2“The process with GOVPROP.com is so easy. Agreements were signed online. I was happy that the administrative work was taken care of through GOVPROP.com so that we were immediately able to get to work on the project.”

Monica Seaberry
Seaberry Design & Communications, LLC



LevinFrancellCustisIIIGOVPROP greatly simplified our most recent endeavors toward profitable growth. Our company needed help preparing the first SBA 8a Developmental Program proposal (Won in Federal FY’14 Q2) followed by a grant proposal (Federal FY’15 Q1; pending decision). The GOVPROP people had a number of fantastic suggestions, skilled contractors to explain the requirements and support winning the proposal(s). In addition, GOVPROP made matters such as NDA’s and remittance very simple. Overall, GOVPROP is an integral component of our KPI’s and Success Factors as the company leans forward.

Levin Francis Custis III
Chairman & CEO
Closed Loop Communications, Inc.

Xantus“We don’t have an in-house proposal or BD team, but we were able to quickly build a virtual team of proposal writers, reviewers, a printer, an extraordinary graphic artist, and even a desktop publisher using GOVPROP. com. In the past, this task was like getting set up for five blind dates. But GOVPROP.com took the blind out of dating.”

Patrick Xantus
Vice President & COO
General Infomatics, Inc.

layous Avatar2GOVPROP is extremely intuitive, intelligent, and efficient providing top-notch proposal resources nation-wide. The site allows users the ability to filter on the types of resources required providing a listing of available resources to meet any budgetary and time constraints. When proposals drop, companies do not have the luxury of spending days and weeks sourcing through countless resumes of proposal support consultants and meeting with proposal support companies to find the right resources to support their critical proposal responses. With GOVPROP, organizations are able to quickly find vetted and verified proposal support in seconds with a click of a mouse. I highly recommend it!

Ameena Layous
Proposal Manager
Enlightened, Inc