GOVPROP.com is a marketplace for Contractors and Proposal Professionals.
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Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles


GOVPROP.com® is where extraordinary Federal, State and Local, International, and Inter-governmental Contractors and Grantees and consultants go to work together and grow their businesses.


To level the playing field for contractors and grantees around the globe by connecting them to vetted experts to collaborate securely, improve the community of practice, grow their businesses with superior proposals, and become better stewards of taxpayer funded programs.

Guiding Principles
1. Honesty in each transaction
2. Demonstrated organizational integrity
3. Relentless focus on the success of our customers


We offer our online community:

(1) A secure collaboration environment, (2) Compliance with government regulations and practices, (3) Access to the best experts where they reside, (4) Improved win rates, (5) Focus on customer satisfaction, (6) An improved community of practice through our knowledge academy and proven templates and (7) Reduced proposal and grants development costs.

Company Overview

GOVPROP.com® gives experts and other consultants the freedom to find and support exciting Government funded projects and maintain the work/life balance that they dream of.

By connecting highly skilled experts with businesses who are seeking government contracts and grants opportunities, GOVPROP.com® opens up the aperture of competitors available to government agencies improving the industry for all stakeholders. GOVPROP.com® consultants come from all corners of the world and every walk of life. They include former government officials, and private sector employees who spent years supporting government programs.


Our marketplace brings together a variety of expertise – from proposal managers, to graphic artists, price to win specialists, contracts specialists, bid protest attorneys, marketing and communications specialists, government affairs specialists, cyber security experts, IT and programming, construction experts, and other skills.