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GOVPROP Frequently Asked Questions

Registering a New Account

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Registering As An Expert

So you want to start bidding on grant and proposal projects with GOVPROP.COM? Awesome! Getting set up should only take a few minutes and will be completed in 3 easy steps:

Step One: Visit Find Work at www.GOVPROP.COM to get started.

Step Two: Register and create your account. Once you have read the terms of service, select how you would like your profile to be viewed. You will need a credit card for Silver, Gold, or Platinum verification levels. Then create your account by logging in through your social media account like LinkedIn. GOVPROP.COM will automatically populate most of the required fields on your profile. Then simply edit any information that is incorrect. Don’t have a social media account? Simply enter your email address as your account and enter a new password. You will need to complete each of the fields in your profile page.

Step Three: After you have created your account, we will send you a SMS to verify your phone number. Please respond ‘Yes’ to complete the account creation process.

If you do not receive an SMS from us please reach out to your mobile carrier to confirm that you can receive short-code texts.

If you have any bumps along the way, you can always reach out to us at info@GOVPROP.COM for help.

Do I Need To Download An App?

Not right away. But before you can begin to exchange grant or proposal documents using GOVPROP Secure you will need to download an App to the devices that you will be using to collaborate, or write, edit, and review grant and proposal documents.

Also, a Non Disclosure Agreement between the consultant and the client also has to be signed before the start of each new job.

How Old Do I Have To Be Have A GOVPROP.COM Account?

You must be 18 years or older to have a GOVPROP.COM Account. See Terms of Service.