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GOVPROP Frequently Asked Questions

Common Issues

Can I Retrieve a Copy of a Deleted Document?

In general, once a document has been deleted by GOVPROP.COM Secure, the document cannot be recovered. GOVPROP.COM does not retain copies of proprietary information. However, premium subscription clients have access to a GOVPROP.COM Virtual Proposal Library where final proposal and grant documents can be stored. Only the client can retrieve these documents and/or invite others to obtain these documents.

Why Can’t I Log into My Account?

Coming Soon!

Why Aren’t Any Consultants Bidding on My Projects?

There are several actions that you can take to improve the visibility of your projects:

Use the PWIN Increaser to increase your project’s win possibilities. Consultants typically will want to bid the projects with the highest PWINs.

Make sure that you are completing as many of the project fields as possible. More keywords and better descriptions of your project will increase the number of consultants bidding your project and potentially lower the cost of your project.

Use the kayaking feature to increase the PWIN.

Try offering a success bonus. Success bonuses can be powerful incentives to attract the top consultants.

I Am Not Being Matched to Projects or Getting Matched Infrequently. Why?

There are several actions that you can take to improve the visibility of your profile and increase matches to client projects:

Increase your verification level.

Make sure that your Availability Indicator identifies you as available.

Increase the key words used in your project profile descriptions.