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GOVPROP Frequently Asked Questions


How is GOVPROP.COM different?

With GOVPROP.COM, you are able to hire proposal and grant development experts on demand, there’s no need to have a large business development overhead, or even expensive proposal printer maintenance contracts.


You can hire any proposal or grant expert with the push of a button and conduct secure proposal or grant development. We take care of invoices and provide consolidated 1099s to the consultants. You pay only when the consultant’s work is accepted.


You can quickly identify or assemble teams to respond to task order requests for proposals that you couldn’t before because of lack of resources. Using our patent pending Reverse Auction and Expert Matching technology, GOVPROP.COM can reduce your proposal and grant development costs by 5% to 40%. Plus, we pay end of year bonuses to consultants and teams with the highest win rates in our system – thus motivating them to help you win more government contracts, grants, and tenders.

Which subscription level is right for me?

GOVPROP.COM offers three choices at different price points. Access to the basic website is free and clients have access to important tools and information like our PWin Calculator and Proposal Tips from the GOVPROP.COM Academy.


The basic subscription service designed for small businesses gives you access to our patent pending Reverse Auction and Expert Matching technology, access to verified proposal and grants experts, dashboards, automatic generation of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) between you and proposal consultants, the GOVPROP.COM Grant and Proposal Payment Engine, and GOVPROP Secure – our secure proposal and grant collaboration technology.


Our premium subscription offers everything under the basic subscription service plus nationwide printing and production of your proposal documents, access to High Performance Proposal and Grants Teams, a Contracts, Grants, and Tenders Trading Post to buy, sell, and trade government contracts and full time equivalents (FTEs) on government contracts and grants, Secure Virtual Proposal Library, proven templates and workflows, market intelligence for federal, state and local, and international opportunities, assistance in completing complex government applications including socio-economic status designations, and access to key personnel resume databases with thousands of personnel and labor categories.


No matter which option you choose, you’ll reduce your costs, which will enable you to bid more contracts and tenders, or submit more grant applications.

Who are the Proposal and Grants Development Experts in this System?

GOVPROP.COM offers three choices at different price points. Access to the basic website is free and clients have access to important tools and GOVPROP.COM’s patent pending Reverse Auction and Expert Matching technologies connect contractors, grantees, proposal and grants consultants and businesses, freelancers, and other professionals involved in developing and submitting proposals and tenders, grant applications, applications, and cooperative agreements Government and Intergovernmental agencies such as the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


Consultants and businesses elect to become Silver, Gold, or Platinum Verified - a rigorous screening process to verify that consultant has the skills, experience, integrity, and win rates described in their profiles. The more rigorously screened consultants and businesses rise to the top of your search.


Interested in signing up to become a GOVPROP Proposal or Grant Expert? You can visit Find Work at www.GOVPROP.COM to get started.