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What is the easiest way to get consulting jobs with government contractors?

GOVPROP.com® is a secure online marketplace that will match you and your direct and 1099 staff with specific government contractor consulting opportunities that fit your company’s background and skills.

And, it doesn’t cost you a dime. That means your cost of sales is ZERO!

What kind of skills are GOVPROP contractors looking for?

Our clients need agency experts, business development professionals, proposal writers, bid protest attorneys, pricing specialists, graphic designers and much more. And, sometimes they need turnkey proposals. Here is a list of GOVPROP.com job categories.

What if it’s not the kind of work you want to do?

Once a match is identified through our electronic search process, it is up to you, the Expert Consulting Company or Team, to decide whether or not the work opportunity fits your needs, schedule, and price point.

How do you get paid?

Our subscriber contractors deposit funds into an escrow account upon agreement with your company or team of experts. You receive payment instantly upon product acceptance. GOVPROP.com takes care of invoicing and form 1099s.

Does this really work?

We have processed consulting engagements from $500 to $175,000. Here is just one recent example:

“The process with GOVPROP.com is so easy. Agreements were signed online. I was happy that the administrative work was taken care of through GOVPROP.com so that we were immediately able to get to work on the project.”

Monica Seaberry
Seaberry Design & Communications, LLC

GOVPROP.com takes the drudgery and risk out of getting consulting jobs.

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